Lanni Construction, Inc. completes an interior stairway renovation for an executive home:

We are featuring an interior renovation project on our Lanni Construction, Inc. blog for a St. Augustine Beach executive home where the existing railing wall of the interior stair tower to the second story, made of drywall, made the owner feel enclosed in his own home.  Our client wanted to open up the area and bring more light and view-way into the home.  Local architect Martin Gould was contracted to design the project and specified the construction.  Being a St. Augustine general contractor, Lanni Construction, Inc. was contracted to provide the renovation construction services.  The total project time took 5 days.  Once completed, the Client invited us over to tell us how pleased they were with the workmanship of the project and the cleanliness during and after construction.  As a result of the profession work we provided the Client, we have now been contracted to design and build a new master bathroom for the home.

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Completed upstairs view of the stair way with finished railing

St. Augustine home repairs

Completed view of stair way looking down with finished hardwood railing

New home builders St. Augustine

Completed project view with open view for more light to enter into home

Pre-renovation image with drywall railing wall

Pre-renovation image with drywall railing wall

View of upstairs railing wall pre-renovation

View of upstairs railing wall pre-renovation


Another pre-renovation image of the drywall railing wall that was replace with a hardwood railing.


Nearing the completion of a complete home remodel in St. Augustine Beach

We are nearing the completion of a complete home remodel for a residence in St. Augustine Beach, FL.  The house, located on D Street about one block from the ocean, has been a work in progress for a few months and is really taking shape.  After a full interior and exterior renovation, we will be ready to landscape the exterior once we finish a few items on the inside.  More pictures will be coming soon.

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Outdoor deck project constructed by Lanni Construction, Inc.

We want to feature another project Lanni Construction, Inc. recently completed for one of our clients in St. Johns County Florida.  We designed and constructed an outside enclosed porch to the back of the house of a single family home, where only the yard previously existed.  The project included the construction of a raised deck floor, covered roof, and screened framed enclosure.

Lanni Construction, Inc. is a general contractor, construction company located in St. Augustine Beach, FL.  Our services include new residential construction, new commercial construction, residential and commercial renovation and addition services.  The following pictures are from the deck project before, during and after.

Tavormina before2 Tavormina Before1 Tavormina deck 2 Tavormina deck 3 Tavormina001 (1) 11-18-2012, 3 Finished 11-18-2012, 1 Finished 11-18-2012, 4 Finished

Removal of a support column

This is a simple project Lanni Construction, Inc. was hired for to remove an existing support column of a single family home that visually obstructed the view from the rear of the home and structurally obstructed the efficient use of space on the back porch.  The project included the removal of the existing support column, reinforcement of the structural load beam and finishing the outside materials to match the original stucco of the home.


Lanni Construction, Inc. completes a small project for The Tasting Room

At Lanni Construction, Inc., we want to feature a project we recently completed for our friends Michael and Stephanie Lugo at The Tasting Room where we installed a new doorway for their restaurant.  The Tasting Room is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine, FL.  Lanni Construction, Inc. was hired to install a new doorway that leads from the inside of the restaurant dining area to the outside dining patio.

The project initiated with the removal of the previous concrete block construction wall and debris and the build out of a new frame and threshold.  As you can see in the progression of pictures provided in the following gallery, we had to secure and construct a new door threshold, and install decorative French doors that were both safe and environmentally secure.

Bill Lanni of Lanni Construction, Inc. hosts girls softball camp at St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine

You may not have known that our very own Bill Lanni of Lanni Construction, Inc. is a FSHAA and ASA certified softball coach in the state of Florida.  Bill Lanni, along with Michelle Robb (SUNY Binghamton) and Jana Owen (Flagler College) will be hosting a girls softball camp this summer on the campus of St. Joseph Academy in St. Augustine, FL.  There are two sessions for this event that will take place over this Summer.  This is just another way Bill gives back to his community and shares his talents with others.  Please see the flyer for additional information for registration:


Our offices for Lanni Construction, Inc. in St. Augustine Beach

At Lanni Construction, Inc., we have comfortably been in our offices in St. Augustine Beach for over a year now.  Our location is convenient to several new home and renovation projects we are currently working on.  If you are driving on A1A Beach Blvd., take a look at our location and feel free to stop in to talk with us about your new home, home renovation or commercial project.  We are located at: 4075 A1A South, Suite 100A, St. Augustine Beach, FL  32080, or call us at (904) 471-8033.

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Lanni Construction, Inc. offices located at 4075 A1A South, Suite 100A, St. Augustine, FL 32080

New home construction project in Anastasia Dunes, St. Augustine Beach, FL

Lanni Construction, Inc., a St. Augustine based general contractor and construction company, is a home builder for new construction residential projects as well has home remodeling and renovation.  One example of a new home we recently built as a spec house and sold by our company is the following example of a home built in the Anastasia Dunes subdivision located in beautiful St. Augustine Beach, FL.

Designed by Architect Roy Williams, this is a Classic Old Florida design with 2,810 square feet of living area and a total of 4,440 under roof.  The home includes 3 bedrooms and 2 baths, a formal dining room, a huge family room with a coral stone fireplace, a library and upstairs office.  It features a separate structure for the garage and a cedar trellis that connects the garage to the main house.  The house is constructed of concrete block on the first floor and wood frame on the second floor.

Please contact us today for you new home construction or remodeling needs at (904) 471-8033.

Bee Hive Rescue & Removal

Bee removal

Bee Hive inside wall cavity

Honey Comb removal

Bees infestation

Bees infestation

Bee Removal

Bee InfestationWe received a call from a Client to help them get back into their home. Of course we were very curious. She told us that there were bees swarming by her front door not letting her use that entrance. She said that she contacted several different exterminators but none of them kill bees. We set an appointment to go and see what we could do to help her. When we got there, bees were everywhere–but not aggressive at all. Ok so they were not Killer Bees. The “Honey Bees” were passive and we did NOT want to exterminate them. We contacted a local Bee Keepers Club in hopes that they might be able to remove them without harm. The Club was very happy to refer us to a member that can remove the bees and give them a happy home in a safe hive on their property. When we contacted the Bee Club member she came right over dressed in protective gear and with the proper equipment to remove the bees. We removed the T1-11 revealing a huge hive. It completely filled the space between the studs. The hive was 14.5″ wide and 72″ tall. The Bee Keeper used a knife to cut the honey comb out of the wall and then placed it into a large container. It took about 3 hours to remove all of the bees and hive. We paid her for her expenses involved in traveling to us and thanked her for rescuing the bees. Our client was very happy that we removed the bees and repaired her wall. Just another day and another satisfied Customer to add to our list. We checked with the Bee Keeper on the status of the bees and she told us: “They must be happy, their making honey”. We were pleased to save the bees and help our Client at the same time.

Structural wood rot repair due to water intrusion

At Lanni Construction, Inc., a St. Augustine based general contractor, one of our services we provide is repair to severe wood rot damage due to water intrusion.  We were recently contracted by a homeowner in the beach front subdivision of Sea Colony, located in St. Augustine Beach, FL, to repair and/or replace a badly damaged 20’ structural support beam.

The problem resulted from a second floor porch that allowed water to leak into the 20’ long structural beam supporting the second floor porch and cement tile roof.  Since the beam was completely encased in stucco and cementitious trim, it retained the water that drained into the encasement like a goldfish bowl being unable to drain.  As you can see, the beams soaked up the water and became completely decayed over time.  The culprit was that the deck was not properly waterproofed around the columns allowing water to freely enter the beam cavity.

The challenge for us is to now stabilize the roof and porch of this home.  The 20’ triple LVL beam rests on top of the columns of the first floor with the second floor columns resting on the top of the support beam.  Please check back soon with a current update of this project and more photo’s showing our completed work.