Our new Blog page will bring keep you update on Lanni Construction, Inc.

At Lanni Construction, Inc., a St. Augustine based general contractor and construction company, we are very happy to announce that we have started a new Blog page on our website and will be Blogging new and exciting construction projects that we are managing and involved with.  We have also started our new Facebook and Linked In pages that we would like for you to follow at the following links:

Lanni Construction Facebook Page

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To start off our new Blog page, we would like to announce a project in St. Augustine Beach that Lanni Construction, Inc. managed for the Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) show Catastrophe Inc.  Lannin Construction was selected by HGTV to manage the re-construction of the home of Jennifer Lyles and Brian Hubbel after a tragic accident to the home caused it to be inhabitable, requiring them to have to move out.  The show will air in July of this year on the HGTV network.  Please read more about this story and Lanni Construction’s management of the project in the St. Augustine Record by clicking on the following story link:

St. Augustine Record story HGTV show house and Lanni Construction

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HGTV house in St. Augustine project managed by Lanni Construction, Inc. for the show Catastophe Inc.