Lanni Construction, Inc. completes an interior stairway renovation for an executive home:

We are featuring an interior renovation project on our Lanni Construction, Inc. blog for a St. Augustine Beach executive home where the existing railing wall of the interior stair tower to the second story, made of drywall, made the owner feel enclosed in his own home.  Our client wanted to open up the area and bring more light and view-way into the home.  Local architect Martin Gould was contracted to design the project and specified the construction.  Being a St. Augustine general contractor, Lanni Construction, Inc. was contracted to provide the renovation construction services.  The total project time took 5 days.  Once completed, the Client invited us over to tell us how pleased they were with the workmanship of the project and the cleanliness during and after construction.  As a result of the profession work we provided the Client, we have now been contracted to design and build a new master bathroom for the home.

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Completed upstairs view of the stair way with finished railing

St. Augustine home repairs

Completed view of stair way looking down with finished hardwood railing

New home builders St. Augustine

Completed project view with open view for more light to enter into home

Pre-renovation image with drywall railing wall

Pre-renovation image with drywall railing wall

View of upstairs railing wall pre-renovation

View of upstairs railing wall pre-renovation


Another pre-renovation image of the drywall railing wall that was replace with a hardwood railing.


Lanni Construction, Inc. completes a small project for The Tasting Room

At Lanni Construction, Inc., we want to feature a project we recently completed for our friends Michael and Stephanie Lugo at The Tasting Room where we installed a new doorway for their restaurant.  The Tasting Room is a fine dining restaurant located in the heart of historic downtown St. Augustine, FL.  Lanni Construction, Inc. was hired to install a new doorway that leads from the inside of the restaurant dining area to the outside dining patio.

The project initiated with the removal of the previous concrete block construction wall and debris and the build out of a new frame and threshold.  As you can see in the progression of pictures provided in the following gallery, we had to secure and construct a new door threshold, and install decorative French doors that were both safe and environmentally secure.

Lanni Construction foundation repair project on “The House with the Sinking Feeling”

We want to profile a project we recently completed at Lanni Construction, Inc., for a homeowner in the beautiful marsh-front subdivision of Pelican Reef in St. Augustine, where the middle section of the lower floor foundation of a home was sinking into the ground.  We were contacted at Lanni Construction by the homeowner, after watching us in the neighborhood build a large Mediterranean home on the Intracoastal, because he thought his home was sinking in the middle.

After agreeing to the project and conducting much research and testing of the foundation and soil, we found that the weight of the building pad of the home was surcharging the water out of the soils causing the building pad to fall.  It’s like stepping on wet beach sand and the weight of your body squishes all the water out of the sand around your foot.  The cause of this was determined to be that original builder used pilings around the perimeter of the home, but never placed any in the middle.  Therefore, the whole slab needed to be replaced after stabilizing pilings were installed.

We removed the entire slab out from under the home and install helical pilings and grade beams with a structural slab.  This process started by removing and placing all of the home-owners cabinets, vanities, mirrors, granite countertops, glass shower enclosures, toilets, tubs, faucets, sinks, etc. in air conditioned storage for re-installation once we completed of the repairs.  We were able to leave the tile backsplash on the interior wall of the kitchen and all of the interior walls with the nails that held all of his artwork.

After demolition and removal of the existing slab floor, we installed the support pilings, grade beams and poured a new slab.  We were then able to begin putting the contents of the house all back together.  The home-owners artwork is exactly where it was before the repairs, his kitchen is as it should be and his home is no longer sinking.  Even the building department asked why we would undertake such a project.  We replied: “because he needed us, to and we knew we could do the job”.