Structural wood rot repair due to water intrusion

At Lanni Construction, Inc., a St. Augustine based general contractor, one of our services we provide is repair to severe wood rot damage due to water intrusion.  We were recently contracted by a homeowner in the beach front subdivision of Sea Colony, located in St. Augustine Beach, FL, to repair and/or replace a badly damaged 20’ structural support beam.

The problem resulted from a second floor porch that allowed water to leak into the 20’ long structural beam supporting the second floor porch and cement tile roof.  Since the beam was completely encased in stucco and cementitious trim, it retained the water that drained into the encasement like a goldfish bowl being unable to drain.  As you can see, the beams soaked up the water and became completely decayed over time.  The culprit was that the deck was not properly waterproofed around the columns allowing water to freely enter the beam cavity.

The challenge for us is to now stabilize the roof and porch of this home.  The 20’ triple LVL beam rests on top of the columns of the first floor with the second floor columns resting on the top of the support beam.  Please check back soon with a current update of this project and more photo’s showing our completed work.