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Bees infestation

Bee Removal

Bee InfestationWe received a call from a Client to help them get back into their home. Of course we were very curious. She told us that there were bees swarming by her front door not letting her use that entrance. She said that she contacted several different exterminators but none of them kill bees. We set an appointment to go and see what we could do to help her. When we got there, bees were everywhere–but not aggressive at all. Ok so they were not Killer Bees. The “Honey Bees” were passive and we did NOT want to exterminate them. We contacted a local Bee Keepers Club in hopes that they might be able to remove them without harm. The Club was very happy to refer us to a member that can remove the bees and give them a happy home in a safe hive on their property. When we contacted the Bee Club member she came right over dressed in protective gear and with the proper equipment to remove the bees. We removed the T1-11 revealing a huge hive. It completely filled the space between the studs. The hive was 14.5″ wide and 72″ tall. The Bee Keeper used a knife to cut the honey comb out of the wall and then placed it into a large container. It took about 3 hours to remove all of the bees and hive. We paid her for her expenses involved in traveling to us and thanked her for rescuing the bees. Our client was very happy that we removed the bees and repaired her wall. Just another day and another satisfied Customer to add to our list. We checked with the Bee Keeper on the status of the bees and she told us: “They must be happy, their making honey”. We were pleased to save the bees and help our Client at the same time.